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    Each week, we offer a Discover OMPC Adult Discipleship class at 9:30 am. This is the perfect class to attend if you are interested in learning more about OMPC. Normally on Sunday evenings our Senior Pastor, Bob Flayhart, leads a Newcomer's Life Group at 5:30 pm. This group will resume this Fall.

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We Need Your Stories!

Hey OMPC members, we need your stories!

You have heard me preach about the Gospel Waltz. Over the years, you have learned–and are still learning–about how the Repent, Believe, Fight steps of our faith keep us connected to Jesus and positioned perfectly to see His supernatural power change us forever. As a church, we have been blessed with this analogy and the truth that has set so many lives free. And now, as a church, we have an opportunity to share this message of supernatural grace and power with even more people within and outside our church borders. We are writing the message of the Gospel Waltz as a book that we pray will be used by our members, in counseling offices, and in the different churches and communities God reaches through the many different ministries of OMPC.

Would you like to be a part of the book and the work God is doing here at OMPC? Then we need you to pray!! We need you to pray for wisdom, creativity, and spiritual protection for all who are involved (which is now the whole church).

Then we need you to write! We want true stories from our members that clearly show a specific time in your life where you were faced with a challenge and either forgot to employ the Repent, Believe, Fight steps or when you remembered to apply it--and what you learned from the experience. If you are willing for your first name to be used, we will. If not, we can gladly change the name.

What we DON’T need right now:
At this point, we already have several endorsements for the Gospel Waltz analogy which we can use for the back cover copy. However, we don’t need any more general statements like: “I have really enjoyed the Gospel Waltz teachings. It has made an impact in my life.”

What we DO need right now:
We need true, detailed, heartfelt stories about a time in your life when you experienced God’s supernatural intervention when you Repented, Believed, or Fought through a difficult circumstance. Or you can tell of a time you failed to Waltz well, and felt the power of forgiveness when you turned back to God. Here is an example of the kind of detail and personalization we need:

"I felt like I was a pretty strong Christian. My wife and I were plugged into a Life Group, we were teaching Sunday school in the morning, and our lives were running very smoothly. Then, seemingly out of the blue, the company where I worked merged with another one and many people were laid off, including me. Though I was shocked, I still took the bull by the horns and began applying for work in other places, confident that I would be hired quickly. But as the months wore on and still there was no job, I began to panic. As my anxiety increased, my optimism spiraled and I soon began feeling like a failure in every aspect of my life. Depression set in and I could no longer see any hope.

But my wife dragged me to church one morning where I heard Bob preach about Belief. He played a song from Journey called, Don’t Stop Believin’ and strangely, it resonated with me. I suddenly realized that I had faced this entire crisis in my own strength and had forgotten to waltz. When my own resources came up short, I had despaired instead of repenting and turning to God for guidance and believing that God was sovereign and I was still valuable and loved, despite my unemployed status. God did a miraculous work in my heart that day and I literally felt the depression lift. Though my circumstance didn’t change immediately, my attitude about it did. Suddenly I had hope--the kind of hope that looks expectantly to our Heavenly Father to come through on His promises and to provide for our needs as we keep our focus on His kingdom and righteousness (Matthew 6:33). It still took four more months before I got the job I needed, but the time spent waiting was actually good. It drove my wife and I to deeper dependence and trust in God than ever before, and allowed me to see just how deep and long His love and faithfulness is." - Robert
When We Need Submissions:
As soon as you can get them to us! Just e-mail them to me or to Jennifer Gerelds, one of our members working on the copy. Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2016.

Some Disclaimers:
Since we don’t know how many or what kind of submissions we’ll receive, we can’t promise that all will make it into this book. We will have to choose the ones that fit best into the text we are currently writing. However, we hope to do some other related, inspirational and devotional books with the Gospel Waltz theme later on as well. The material gleaned from this project may be used in one of those future endeavors.

We also will not be able to pay members for their stories, except with our heartfelt thanks that you have shared back with us the grace God has shown to you at OMPC.

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