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Fasting - Week of Prayer

Why fast?

It is modeled in Scripture in many places.

Judges 20:24-28 -- Fasting in desperate circumstances and for guidance
1 Sam 7:3-11 — Fasting as an aid to confession and repentance
1 Sam 31:13 — Fasting as an aid in mourning and grief
2 Sam 12:15-23 — Fasting in desperate circumstances to aid in fervency
1 Kings 21:25-29 — Fasting to increase a heart sense of mourning over sin in humility
2 Chronicles 20:3 — Fasting to increase fervency in prayer when the enemy attacks
Ezra 8:21-23 — Fasting to increase fervency in prayer for protection
Nehemiah 1:4ff — Fasting on behalf of the church & nation to increase repentance
Esther 4:3,16 — Fasting when our lives, physically & spiritually, are in danger
Psalm 35:13 — Fasting to increase fervency when praying for the sick
Psalm 69:10; 109:24 — To humble hearts by humbling our bodies by avoiding food
Isaiah 58:6 — Fasting for the cause of justice
Jeremiah 36:4-9 — Fasting to prepare the heart to truly hear God’s Word
Daniel 9:3 — Fasting to increase fervency of heart in seeking God
Joel 1:14; 2:12,15 — Fasting to increase our sense of repentance
Jonah 3:5 — Fasting as a means of increasing sincerity in turning to the Lord

It was practiced by Jesus

Matthew 4:2 — Fasting in preparation to face His season of temptation by the devil
Matthew 6:16-18 — Fasting prescribed by Jesus as a discipline we would practice
Matthew 9:15 — Jesus assumed fasting is a discipline the church would practice
Luke 2:27 — Fasting as a means to prepare our hearts for worship
Acts 13:2 — Fasting was a practice of the early church as they waited on God to guide
Acts 14:23 — Fasting accompanying praying for new elders

The Benefits of Fasting

  • Fasting helps the mind and heart to focus on the work of prayer
  • Fasting allows the Spirit to turn our physical hunger into a desire for increased spiritual hunger
  • Fasting often exposes our sin as fleshly comforts like food are removed
  • Fasting makes space for prayer and for God to speak as time during meals is freed up
  • Fasting increases the Spirit-empowered discipline of the will: saying no to food helps us develop the grace of saying no to other appetites of the flesh, ie, sin.

How to Fast

  • The normal fast is abstaining from food and drinking only water (or black coffee if needed)
  • A fast is best begun after a lighter meal and best broken by a lighter meal
  • Use meal times as prayer times finding a place of solitude and silence
  • Allow hunger pains to turn into hunger pains for God
  • Allow hunger pains to turn into prayer times
  • Listen to Praise and Worship during times of fasting when possible
  • Read Scripture during times of fasting when possible
  • Engage in Corporate prayer during times of fasting when possible

Book Recommendations

The Spirit of the Disciplines, Dallas Willard
Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald S. Whitney
God's Chosen Fast, Arthur Wallis

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