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    Each week, we offer a Discover OMPC Adult Discipleship class at 9:30 am. This is the perfect class to attend if you are interested in learning more about OMPC. Normally on Sunday evenings our Senior Pastor, Bob Flayhart, leads a Newcomer's Life Group at 5:30 pm. This group will resume this Fall.

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Jobs for Life, Clerestory & Work of Worth Prayer Focus

While Jobs for Life was not started by OMPC members, OMPC is host to annual classes each Fall. Jobs for Life is an outreach program to help the unemployed or underemployed through work improvement skills. It is also an opportunity for our church to learn how to share and show grace to those we would never encounter otherwise. We need men and women who want to come alongside our students to help them find the new path that God has created for their lives. We have 8 week classes each fall at OMPC for 10-12 students.

Our vision is that OMPC members will engage in our community by being mentors to those who need employment training and assistance. Through this, individuals’ lives will be changed to reflect the God given talents they have to be independent and self-sufficient.  It is our prayer that it will have a generational affect so that children will see parents working and understand the value of God directed living.

STORY: We had a married couple in a class.  He was in a men’s shelter, she was in a women’s shelter with her four children.  After they successfully completed the class they were able to be together as a family. Clerestory helped them find housing. The woman is now managing an Ashley Mac location and the family is all together.

Pray for our past students, many are struggling with the changes in their life
Pray for our mentors, Donna Morris is recovering from knee surgery
Pray for a training class we are conducting in Bham this summer for future teachers
Pray for Clerestory leaders to have God’s vision for our next year of ministry.

GET INVOLVED: OMPC members can get involved by coming to mentor training in August.  Dates will be announced and being willing to open their hearts to see how God changes lives, one at a time, through love and training.
Visit the Jobs for Life page on the OMPC website: http://www.ompc.org/serve/jobs-for-life.

Clerestory’s purpose is to play a significate role in the restoration of one’s life who is mired in poverty or coming out of at-risk situations through providing genuine economic opportunities. At the root of all poverty and at-risk situations is broken relationships; with God, self, others and creation.  Foundationally, Clerestory is focusing, by God’s Grace, on the mending of this brokenness on a daily basis and building community.

Since Clerestory’s inception, OMPC has hosted and sponsored Jobs for Life. The job preparedness class is the entry point into our organization’s pathway, a pathway we hope an individual will travel for employment, fiscal literacy, legal assistance, affordable housing and transportation opportunities. 

STORY: In the very first Jobs for Life class we met a gentleman who was living at the Salvation Army.  Over the years, he has come to value the importance of community and staying connected to mentors. Through these relationships, he has regained order and balance in his life. This has resulted in him finding housing in the Hoover area and becoming a member of OMPC this year!

PRAY: Please pray for Clerestory (staff and volunteers) to be diligent and have perseverance in serving students,  and, for faithfulness to pursue graduates of classes for months and years.  Many that we seek to serve have cultivated mindsets from experiencing emotional/physical abuse, social injustice, being trapped in the system and lack of healthy relationships, which says “I’m not worthy, what’s the use, I’m not loved, can I really trust you”. Also, pray for students, that they would come to see that they are image bearers of God and because of that truth they have gifts, talents and value.  And, that they would see Jesus as the mender of brokenness and the value of community.

GET INVOLVED: OMPC members can partner with Clerestory by becoming a mentor (friend) in a Jobs for Life class, donating vehicles to overcome the barrier of poor public transportation which severely limits employment opportunities, and consider interviewing graduates to fill vacancies at businesses members own or manage.
Visit Clerestory online.

Work of Worth continues to impact lives in developing nations like India and Africa where we’re working with native entrepreneurs to combat abject poverty and human trafficking.  2015 was another good year for WoW sales – which translates into more Western commerce flowing to the anti-traffic businesses.  We are anchored in several good shows in the states and have developed relationships with strategic churches and stores that sell our goods to support the effort.  Since we moved WoW to Texas (with us) in 2015, we lost some steam in our ongoing online efforts but we still benefit from a couple of online celebrity endorsements in 2014.

Back in 2014, WoW erroneously ordered way too much of a particular line of jewelry.  It created quite a strain financially on the organization when we realized how much had been ordered.  There were also some hard feelings among those of us who had to come up with the money to pay for the “costly mistake”. 
Last fall, while I was on the OMPC BAM trip to Central Asia, I met with the supplier of that order.  One of the laborers there introduced me to a family that wanted to meet me since they’d heard I was in town.  The family proceeded to share with me how that order changed their lives for generations to come. 
That family of five (parents and three sons) had been living in abject poverty and rejected by their community because of their recent conversion to Christianity.  They were preparing to remove their sons from high school in order to hire them out for needed income.  Our large order arrived at our supplier nearby.  Because of the order, both the Mother and Father were able to be employed fulltime which allowed their boys to stay in school and their oldest to graduate from high school.  The couple are both still employed and the boys are all still in school.  Their oldest son is now attending college on an earned scholarship.
This family who saw no way out of poverty now has fulltime fair-wage employment and hope for future generations.  Truly, our “costly mistake” was no accident.  Work of Worth was created for opportunities like this.

NEEDS: WoW really needs some online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help – videos, blogs, photos, fresh web content, posts, etc.  Our mission sells if our story is told.  We don’t have anyone presently to “tell the story” online and we don’t have sufficient capital to hire it out yet.  We would love an intern or home-based volunteer who would be willing to help out with this.
·         WoW needs to get into a few more shows this Fall/Winter – hoping to find some strong shows in Texas so we don’t have to travel so far to run a show. 

WoW always needs capital.  God has always provided sufficiently to meet our needs.  We haven’t made money and don’t project positive earnings in the coming years as we are growing the business and reinvesting revenue into inventory, travel, and marketing materials.  We are a very lean business utilizing mostly volunteer workers to keep revenue flowing to the women (and men) who need it most in the developing nations.  We were created to make a difference and we are.  However, we do need to eventually make money in order to be sustainable.

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