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July Prayer Focus: InSpero

InSpero Purpose

InSpero exists to support the growth of creative community—those artists and artisans whose work awakens our longings for beauty and truth in the midst of our struggle with suffering and search for meaning. We believe this community has a unique ability to bring healing, hope and restoration to the brokenness, pain and alienation of our world.

Unfortunately, those involved in the arts often feel isolated, discouraged or marginalized; and their potential contributions are lost to a world that so desperately needs them. InSpero seeks out and cares for individuals who belong in creative community, believing that their gifts are essential for our well-being and the well-being of our city.

InSpero’s creative community is comprised of artists and artisans who reflect God’s beauty and truth to our world. This community includes—but is not limited to—visual artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, poets, preachers, photographers, chefs, hosts, storytellers, filmmakers, dancers, actors and designers. Secular artists are encouraged to participate in InSpero’s events and conversations to work with us to build a more beautiful city.

To this end, we organize events that bring together artists, artisans and the audiences who need their gifts. Our events are designed to cultivate the creative community and provide opportunities for them to give their creative offering to our city and the world. 

Our Work

Cultivating Creative Community

InSpero identifies, nurtures, and provides community and rest to artists and artisans who are often isolated, discouraged, and marginalized. Examples include:

  • Monthly meetings with core group of Christian artists to explore ideas, encourage one another, and build community
  • Identification, encouragement and support of new artists 
  • Identification, encouragement and support of those with the gift of hospitality 
  • Retreats, lectio divinas, scripturally focused collaborative projects
  • Individual and group soul care and spiritual direction

Connecting People to Create Together

InSpero provides ways for artists and artisans to connect and collaborate to create together. Examples include:

  • Open invitation themed art shows (50 Years of Hopes and Dreams, Steel City Makers 5 Man Show, Imago Dei: Human Dignity Project)
  • Spiritually directed themed art shows (BraveHearts: 5-Woman Art Show)
  • Easter People: Lenten Invitation/blog to create through Lenten season. 
  • Connections with other organizations with similar visions (*Clerestory, Urban Avenues, Five Loaves, ArtHouse America, Washington Institute for Faith and Culture, CIVA, IAM, Wedgewood Circle, Shelby County Arts Council, Alabama Art, Kuumba Community Art, Unsuccessful Artists, Reflect Visual Arts, Seeds Coffee, Curator Magazine, By Faith Magazine, Birmingham 100, REVBirmingham, Pursell Farms)

Convening Conversations for the Common Good

InSpero facilitates significant conversations and opportunities to increase understanding and find common ground for the common good among pastors, artists/artisans, culture makers, churches, and the city. Examples include: 

  • Pentecost Conversation and Dinner with Pastors and Artists
  • Spirituality of Wine—Lecture and Wine Tasting with Dr. Gisela Kreglinger
  • Ecumenical Prayer Breakfasts (Imago Dei:Human Dignity Project)
  • Luncheons with Culture Makers, Influencers, Artists Featuring Special Speakers (Steve Garber, Kate Harris, Berenice Rarig, Rick Holladay)
  • Events which invigorate local churches (Leeds Presbyterian)

Celebrating Creativity in and for our Community

InSpero provides special events to give our city and churches beauty, truth, and hope. Examples include: 

  • Hymnfest (Corey Nolen and friends at Leeds Presbyterian Church)
  • Gallery showings (West Elm, Cahaba Brewery, The Nest)
  • Concerts 
  • Easter Saturday Picnic (Fresh Air Farms)
  • Advent Offering (Creation Waits featuring Jenny Pruitt and Gina Hurry at Leeds Presbyterian, Faith PCA, Oak Mountain PCA)
  • Pentecost Conversation (Art Show, Dance, Music, Artist/Pastor Conversation, and Artist as Prophet by Gordon Bals held at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church, Waiting for the Muse: Mystery of the Holy Spirit at Independent Presbyterian Church)

Our Vision

The City Beautiful. The Church Beautiful. 

Believing in the power of creative community to inspire our city and churches with hope 

Our Beliefs

We live in a broken world in desperate need of hope as it waits for the restoration of all things. Art provides glimpses of this restoration by serving as a conduit for reconciliation to God, self and others. The Holy Spirit, in combination with the living Word of God, can baptize the imagination and inspire artists to communicate truth, beauty, and hope, of which Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression. 

We believe beauty matters and so do those who create it.

InSpero, a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, believes that beauty and creativity can draw our attention away from ourselves to a greater reality and be powerful agents of our Triune God to restore lives and transform our city. We seek supporters and donors in our churches and communities to help us bring “shalom” (wholeness, restoration to things as they should be) to our broken world.

Our Goals

Inspero’s success will be measured as Birmingham has a thriving creative community whose work stirs people to hope, as local churches embrace the arts as part of the message of the gospel and the restoration of all things, and as our city flourishes because its creative community flourishes. 

Stories of Impact

Creative Community

InSpero inspires, cultivates and nurtures creative community. InSpero rejoices for each artist who is discovered, encouraged, brought to faith, and has risked to give their gift to our city. In the past three years, we are thrilled as we have seen:

  • An artist/storyteller and a photographer who published their first books. 
  • Two singer/songwriters who had the courage to reenter the challenging world of music and have written new songs, reaching a secular audience, performing in InSpero-supported events and produced four albums.  
  • A burnt-out nationally recognized musician re-ignited by being invited to perform at a house concert where his work was intimately presented.  
  • A young musician who came to faith, was embraced by a church, faced her alcoholism, and has produced an album and video and performs around the city.  
  • A skilled hairstylist with an alternate lifestyle who was well-loved by the Christian and InSpero community for years, who came to faith, and has helped with our InSpero events.
  • A new “breakout” artist who didn’t fit any category, another struggling with giving up on his art and struggling with suicidal thoughts, and a sculptor who had given up his art. InSpero provided a platform for their art and the encouragement from this show has shown them that they and their work matters and is needed in our city.
  • Writers and poets given the rare opportunity to tell their stories in a beautiful venue.


InSpero longs to rename Birmingham, a city scarred by its past, the “City Beautiful.”  Some events which have encouraged this include: 

  • InSpero’s first event, 50 Years of Hopes and Dreams, was an open invitation art show for artists and children to show their responses to the 50th anniversary of the 16th Street bombing.  It was preceded by a multi-ethnic prayer gathering.  
  • In our Human Dignity Project, a photographer displayed powerful photographs of those living in poverty in Alabama’s black belt.  It also was preceded by a pastors’ prayer breakfast. 
  • In the Steel City Makers, InSpero helped to display the male creative voice through the 5 Man Show.
  • In the Magic City Storytellers, writers, poets and songwriter/singers gathered to give a beautiful offering at the Clubhouse on Highland.
  • InSpero has participated in two Q events for the city.  
  • InSpero has connected with local artists and hosts, providing work and exposure and stirred hope as they have created and shown beauty. 
  • We provided a series of wine-tastings with Dr. Gisela Kreglinger introducing the Spirituality of Wine.


InSpero longs to connect the creative community with the Church, begin conversations, provide venues, help the Church know how to reach and best use the power of the beauty and perspective of the creative community. In the past three years we’ve been encouraged by:

  • A dying church of 30-40 congregants with an average age of 75 brought to life through having their beautiful church filled with people of all ages and backgrounds to hear beautiful music. They asked us to return the next year and spent time renovating their church to prepare for it.
  • Pastors from five different churches connecting with artists, writers, sculptors, florists, chefs, photographers, actors to engage in conversation to seek to understand each other and hear the ways creatives long to impact the city and come alongside the Church. (This Pastor/Artist dinner is done on annual basis). As a result of our last dinner, an artist who was trying to minister to young people alone in Ensley has been linked to several churches.
  • Two churches, one evangelical, one mainline, embracing the arts and artists in bringing beauty through Pentecost events with more than 300 in attendance at each church.
  • A church finding the surprise of mutual blessing as they support InSpero and InSpero provides events of music and art to touch often “unreached” people groups. 
  • InSpero helped to launch a downtown church’s new satellite location and their dream of reaching out to the city in creative and beautiful ways. 


InSpero has multiple ways for OMPC members to become involved with our activities:

Communications: Sign up to receive our 8-10 time a year email newsletter

Prayer Team:  Receive regular email prayer requests about our events and needs and people reach and vision for the city and the church.  

Event Volunteering:  We have citywide events several times a year and need volunteers to help set up and take down, to act as hosts and greeters, and to pray for us during the event. 

Fundraising:  As a nonprofit, InSpero seeks new sources of funding to sustain this movement.  We would be grateful to any member interested in individually supporting us, or who can connect us to individuals, churches, and corporations (or grants) who would be willing to contribute to InSpero’s vision. 

Specific Volunteer Needs:

Administration, organization, filing

Hospitality:  Hosts for home shows and artists, those gifted in hospitality to help “set the  table” with beauty and grace for our events

InSpero Response:  We have begun small groups of artists and visionaries who gather together for building community. The first is in Ensley/Woodlawn area. If interested in helping support this, please let us know. 

Correspondent/Donations/Thank you letters/Follow Up: We are so excited that OMPC member Joy Mellon is working with us to follow up

If any OMPC member has these specific skill sets, we would love for their help:

  • *Social Media Posting
  • *Computer 
  • *Database 
  • *Social media networkers and “posters”
  • *Church outreach communications and coordinator

We are grateful for Rev. Gary Purdy leading our Advisory Council and for member Susan Gordon who is helping to shape our Junior Board.  

Visit us online.


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