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Showing Grace as a Way of Life: November

“In the end, your best friends will be the people you ate with the most”–a friend of mine recently tweeted.

It’s simple but true.

“Food connects…It turns strangers into friends.” (Tim Chester, A Meal with Jesus)

As we continue our journey of Showing Grace as a Way of Life, in November, let’s invite people from our natural spheres of life into our homes for a low-key meal, dessert, or game–whatever is easy and enjoyable for you and them. If that feels like too big a jump, then consider treating people to a meal or coffee.

Hospitality is an especially powerful and often-overlooked dynamic in Showing Grace. In a crazy-busy, Martha Stewart-pressure world, hospitality seems too big. But if we slow to consider the things in life we are already doing (like eating!) and lower the bar of our homes being perfect and having to make an elaborate meal, WE CAN DO THIS!

Don’t underestimate the power of inviting people to a table to share food and relationship! The gospel of Luke show that “The Son of Man came eating and drinking…” (Luke 7:34) Jesus spent a lot of time at tables engaging people’s lives and hearts.

The early church experienced, “And day by day…breaking bread in their homes; they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all people.” (Acts 2:46-47)

Welcoming people from our natural spheres of life into our homes for meals enables us to develop genuine and deeper friendships with them. Inviting someone into your home for a meal makes them feel wanted, enjoyed, even honored… It’s soulish even when you are just talking about normal things in life and laughing with one another!

Our family now has the kitchen table from my childhood home. This table evokes memories of my family sharing daily meals, birthday parties with friends, holiday meals with extended family, family friendships that influenced me, and my mother’s love. Yet the table memory that stands out the most is my father explaining the gospel to me. It was at that table Spirit’s irresistible grace enabled me to believe.

All the little moments around that table before were a part of preparing me for the big moment of belief. Perhaps that is God’s desire for those we are showing grace to in our spheres of influence – some little moments of sharing a meal around a table that may lead to Spirit’s irresistible grace enabling them to believe.

When we invite people into our homes to share a meal around a table, we are inviting them into the intimacy for which we are created. Also, we are embodying the Lord’s Table when they might experience intimacy with their Creator. Ultimately, sharing meals anticipates the Marriage Supper of the Lamb when all who have experienced Spirit’s irresistible grace to unhindered intimacy with our Creator and one another.

So, let us open our homes with the warm welcome of Jesus to those in our natural spheres of life!

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