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Thoughts From Sue: May 12

Years ago, I was in Kenya working with an AIDS care ministry. The sick would come to the church and people in the church would feed them. Sometimes in Kenya, people who had contracted AIDS were cast aside since everyone knew that they were dying. Sadly, feeding them was considered a waste of food. But, this church fed these needy ones and had a weekly Bible study. The day I visited, some shared their testimony of faith. One young woman, who was holding a toddler in her arms, told her story. As she concluded, she said that she thanked God for her disease because, without it, she would have never met Christ as her Savior.

My jaw dropped. My heart sank.

She had a small child and a life ahead of her, yet she was thanking God for the disease that would take her life. That’s faith. And it reminds me that I know very little about that word. Faith is difficult. There are so many times that when life’s challenges become overwhelming, and well-intentioned Christians run out of wise things to say, so we just say something like this: “Well, now is when we really have to have faith and trust God.”

We all say that, right? I know I do.

But, the truth is: we should probably have faith and trust in God long before our desperate needs present themselves.

It’s challenging, though. We hear stories about mustard seeds and moving mountains. Faith can seem so intimidating. I can’t possibly have faith like that, right? And, I know that when I’ve traveled to economically depressed countries and hear our Christian brothers and sisters thank God for providing food and a place to live, I’m usually ashamed and kind of jealous. I’m jealous because I hear the intimacy that they have with the Father and I’m ashamed because I rarely consider the Lord as the provider of my needs.

Man, I want to grow in grace and understand faith like that.

But, I don’t think the Father wants us to feel defeated when we read Hebrews 11 or consider our faith. I certainly don’t think he wants me to compare my faith to that Kenyan woman’s faith. I think he wants us to lift up our eyes and our drooping hands. He wants to strengthen our weak knees (Heb. 12:12). And, I think, for our good, he wants our faith to grow.

What is one way today that I can entrust myself and my life to a Father who loves me? What is one way that the Lord is working to strengthen my faith and grow in my relationship with him?

“Faith is willing to let God act with the most perfect freedom knowing that we belong to Him and are to be concerned only about being faithful in that which he has given us to do for the moment.” – Let Go by Francois Fenelon (the Blue Book).

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