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Janie Robbins

My nephew Britton (Sarah) Jones 3 year old son; .Andrew had an MRI gain information pertaining to his lack of growth. They found his pituitary gland is small. In the process they saw a "bright spot" on the right side of his pre frontal cortex. A team of oncologists and radiologists met. It could be one of three things, or nothing at all. 1) An infection that just occurred, or has been there since birth 2) Demyelination which is a condition that results in damage to the protective covering (myelin sheath) that surrounds nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. When the myelin sheath is damaged nerve impulses slow or even stop, causing neurological problems. (like M.S. ) Or 3 ) Tumor.

Andrew is not exhibiting any symptom's of the last two. The doctors want to wait and do a second MRI on March 31. If there is a change they would do a biopsy. If no change I believe Britton said they would recheck in 6 months. Please pray that none of the above will be true. That God will clear any problems up supernaturally. For peace for our family. That Britton and Sarah will look to Jesus during this process and seek peace only from him. Of course for a clear MRI next time, and great wisdom for the doctors. Thank you..

Received: February 26, 2017

Becky Landry

Please pray for my husband, Philip Landry, as he undergoes surgery to remove cancer in his esophagus on Wednesday, February 22. Please pray that the surgery goes as expected and that all of the cancer cells are removed successfully.

Received: February 21, 2017


Please pray for my Spiritual growth. I want to be Holy in HIM. Also, I would like to ask God's blessings in my life. Thanks for your prayer.

Received: February 20, 2017

Jeff Anderson

Dave Johnson will be admitted to UAB hospital for final tests on Wednesday, February 15 and undergo heart valve replacement surgery on Thursday, February 16. Please pray for Dave, his wife Lori, and his family as he undergoes this surgery. Pray for a complete and uncomplicated recovery.

Received: February 14, 2017

Cliff Hearn

Please continue to be in prayer for the Hearn family. The funeral plans and arrangements for Beverly White are found at: or

Thank you for thoughts and prayers, Hearn Family

Received: February 13, 2017

Cliff Hearn

Please keep Sellers Philpott, her family, and their doctors in your thoughts and prayers. They went to the doctor for her cough and found that her heart is enlarged 2x compared to her last normal x-ray from two years ago. This leads them to believe there could be a mass on her heart and lungs.

She is a very sweet and loving girl who has brought joy to our whole family from the first time we met. Please pray for her to stay calm and that she will be okay. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and patience for family and loved ones.

Received: February 11, 2017

Cliff Hearn

We have some sad news to share. My mother passed away Thursday night.

As you may know, the sky had a beautiful comet (45P) and a lunar eclipse. As a family we all watched it from around the country to celebrate Mom's life. She always liked having a star named after her. Now in addition to Berverly the star, our family has Beverly's comet. Mom is riding comet (45P) and she gets a lunar eclipse as a send off. Not a bad send off for a wonderful life.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts and prayers.

Received: February 11, 2017


My friend has been dabbling in the occult and is very paranoid. Please pray.

Received: February 11, 2017

Mike Atkison

Please be in prayer for David and Lori Johnson and all of their family. This week they found out that the growth and/or thickening of David's mitral valve will require open heart surgery to repair. The surgeon will also perform a heart ablation to prevent further atrial fibrillation. This needs to be done immediately to prevent another stroke, so the surgery is scheduled for Thursday, February 16 at UAB Hospital. David will be hospitalized for about 5 days and will spend the next 4-6 weeks resting and recovering.

Please pray for the Father to guide the hands of the surgeon and protect David through his surgery and recovery. Pray for Him to quiet David, Lori and the girls in His love as they wait for the surgery and during it.

Thank you for you faithful prayers for these dear friends, Evangel Church family.

Received: February 10, 2017

Gordon Thompson

Please pray for Pete and Carol Clemens. Their Tennessee home was struck by lightning and burned to the ground last night. They both are okay but could use your prayers. They were able to rescue a dog, but lost a cat in the fire.

Received: February 9, 2017

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